Routes Home

Routes Home is a new service by charity St Mungo's. It supports non-UK nationals that sleep rough in London who are vulnerable and not eligible for UK services to get off the streets.

We worked closely with their team to understand the full scope of their service and help them enhance the way they support their clients in finding a new home

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Routes Horne had never gone through the exercise of mapping out the full extent of their service as a customer journey.

The first phase of our design research was focused on understating the reconnection journey as an experience from both sides; the client, and staff perspective.

We then focused on the challenges they face on a daily basis, the opportunities for improving the overall process and an understanding of what a successful outcome looks like for their clients.


Reconnection journey map

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The end-to-end reconnection process is complicated and unique for each client, involving a Europe-wide network of agencies and organisations such as NGOs, government bodies, and health institutions.

We defined each step of the reconnection journey through conversations with the Routes Home staff, outreach workers, and clients based in a temporary accommodation centre. We shadowed an outreach worker during their shift to observe their interactions with the clients.

After defining 13 opportunity areas we played them back to Routes Home staff to get further insights, leading us to suggest 3 key concepts that could be taken forward to improve the reconnection journey.

Ideation workshop

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Future vision concepts

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